Sourcing Agent Service

China Sourcing Agent


We also act as a sourcing agent company.
Client who wants to develop his/her business in Great China Area, our services are as follows:

  • Manufacturers search, quotation, price negotiation, orders following and quality control;
  • Guide tour to factories, showrooms, wholesale markets in Shandong Province and cities nearby;
  • Custom clearance and all necessary documentation preparing;
  • Booking container, sea, air, inland transportation;
  • English interpretation and translation;
  • Domestic and local transportation service;
  • Hotel reservation and picking clients up from the airport and markets;

Over 30 years sourcing experience as your powerful and secure support.
Charge for service:2%-5% commission based on the total goods value
With our help, you will make business very easily. We will offer new products. So you will have more advantage on your competitors.

Permit us to be your commercial allied in China. We guarantee an honest, long term and commercial affair.