Cotton Fabric

100% Cotton Greige

Currently the main market for our Cotton products are Thailand and Africa. Shuttle loom weaved and semi-combed. We can also tailor make your demand specification (semi- or full-combed) which is not appeared on the catalog. 

Products Catalog

Code Specification
EC1 32 X 32, 100 x 52, 47"
EC2 24 x 24, 72 x 60, 51"
EC3 32 x 32, 68 x 68, 42"
EC4 60 x 60, 90 x 88, 50"

The above list is not exhaustive, they are the main products our clients demand, we are developing new specification with updated technologies all the time.

If you didn't find your desired specification, please inquire us to tailor made your demand.