Rayon 40s, 45s

R40s R45s, Premium

With the booming market for high end premium spun rayon, R40s & R45s is emerging.

The world had viewed Spun Rayon as low cost, economic and ordinary item for the past few decades. It was because China has the lowest labor cost in the world at that time. For the goods like spun ray, the cost mainly goes to labor. So whoever controls the labor wins the market.

As highlighted in the Spun Rayon Fabric page, the constructions of the premium are extracted in the following:

40 x 40 / 100 x 80, 50" 1,200/Yards
40 x 40 / 100 x 80, 63" 960/Yards
40 x 40 / 100 x 80, 67" -
45 x 45 / 100 x 80, 63" 960/Yards



Rayon 40s, 45s

Check out this premium with high density construction and premium quality.

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