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ENJOYS is the professional textile manufacturer and trader. We basically provide three main categories of goods, click to read more.

Spun Rayon Greige

Viscose Yarn

Cotton Greige

Airjet Loom

Controlled Costs, Max Margin

The way we do business is very simple, by providing better products quality and customer experience.

As it is put by Mr Lau, founder of the Company, we find ourselves in the factory houses doing QC and refining manufacturing process. In turns, these developments in quality and skill saved us costs. Coordinated by our large production skills, we achieved economy of size.

If other factory provides the same products, we can supply at a lower price; If  other factory thinks doing the item suffers a loss, we still can supply it. Because anyway, our cost is low.

------Mr Zhang, Factory QC


Mini Lead Time

We optimize our production processes in order to deliver the goods to you in short period. All orders will be delivered within 14 days.

spun rayon

Advanced Technology

We refined the production processes to ensure all our products are up to the standards. We keep our pace to latest technologies and staff training. All or machines are Micro-Computer automatic controlled.

Strict Quality Control

Quality is what we don't compromise. QC procedures are imposed to make sure sufficient check are performed. We focus on the root. Customer is God. 

spun rayon