TR, TC Fabric

TR, TC and CVC Fabric

T/R Fabric

TR fabric is a blend of rayon and polyester.
This fabric has a durable structure and a light gloss.
It is a type of fabric commonly used in every sector and mostly used in medical uniforms.
Polyester rayon blend is a versatile fabric used for clothing items such as blouses, dresses, workwear and jackets, and around the home in carpets and upholstery.

What is the composition?

In fabric content, usually we put the big part content ahead. So for TR fabric, normally the composition is 65% polyester 35% rayon or 80% polyester 20% rayon. And 65% polyester 33%rayon 2%spandex for the TR with stretch. But It can be highly customized in request composition, weight, surface effect, and hand feel. Our R&D team will suggest you with a best construction based on your request or your original cutting.

Advantage of TR Fabric:

1. High strength, short fiber strength is 2.6~5.7Cn/dtex, high-strength fiber is 5.6~8.0Cn/dtex. Due to low moisture absorption, its wet strength and dry strength are basically the same, and the impact strength is better than nylon 4 times higher and 20 times higher than viscose fiber.

2. Good elasticity, the elasticity is close to wool, when elongation is 5%~6%, it can almost be restored, wrinkle resistance exceeds other fibers, that is, the fabric does not wrinkle, has good dimensional stability, and the modulus of elasticity is 22~141cN/dtex , 2~3 times higher than nylon.

3. Good water absorption.

4. Good abrasion resistance. The abrasion resistance is second only to nylon with the best abrasion resistance and better than other natural fibers and synthetic fibers.

5. Good light resistance, which is second only to acrylic fiber.

6. Corrosion resistance, resistance to bleaching agents, oxidants, Jing class, ketones, petroleum products and inorganic acids, resistance to dilute alkali and not afraid of mildew, but hot alkali can make it decompose.

Polyester accounts for more than half of the TR fabrics, so the fabrics will retain the relevant characteristics of polyester. The more prominent is the excellent strong abrasion resistance of the fabric, which will be more durable than most natural fabrics.

Good elasticity is also a feature of TR fabrics. Excellent elasticity makes the fabric easy to restore to its original shape after stretching or deformation without leaving wrinkles. Clothes made of TR fabrics are therefore not easy to wrinkle, so clothes are free Hot, daily care and maintenance are relatively simple.

The TR fabric also has a certain degree of corrosion resistance. This kind of clothes is resistant to rinsing and oxidation, and is not prone to mildew and spots, and has a long service life. Moreover, the price of TR fabrics is not high, and it can be wholesale to one meter of TR fabrics for a dozen or twenty yuan.

Disadvantages of TR fabric:

This kind of fabric has no major disadvantages, but its feel and touch are not as good as pure cotton. Clothes made of TR fabric are not as comfortable as pure cotton clothes.

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