Cotton, Polyester, Viscose Market Daily Summary-Mar 29, 2017


Cotton: Spot goods is weak and is experiencing adjustments, but new cotton price is firm. Actual deal price fluctuates with different weight.

Polyester: PTA future goods market grows a little, supplier quotation is stable and discounts applies to actual deals.

Viscose: Weak trend continued, middle class supplier’s quotation is at 16,700-17,000 RMB/ton, some is lower around 16,500 RMB/ton. Factories previous orders are come to the end. Some monthly settlement policy is portrayed vividly with the market currently. High class nominal quotation price is 17,300-17,400 RMB/ton, actual deal price is only around 17,000 RMB/ton negotiable. Thanks to the excellent customer base, high class sales are leading the market far ahead.